YJI Support the Movement Likes to Eat Fish

You want to have a healthy heart throughout the ages? In addition to fond of exercising, eating fish also seems to prevent a person from the deadly disease.
The content of Omega 3 which a lot of fish can reduce blood vessel blockage. So says Chairman of the Indonesian Heart Foundation (YJI) Goddess Andang Joesoef. “According to research in foreign countries, the fish can reduce blockage of blood vessels with its Omega 3,” Dewi said when met in the event of the World Heart Day 2010 in the Southwest door Monas, Central Jakarta, Sunday (10/03/2010).
According to Goddard, in addition to efficacious for heart health, fish also have a million other benefits. Among other things, toddler brain can develop properly if the mother ate fish every day. The growth of the children the better if given the nutritional intake of fish.
Fish may also prevent cancer. In fact, finned animals that can maintain skin elasticity a woman so that she was younger. “Then the fish is a substance whose name cilenium. She maintained skin elasticity so that the mother prevented from premature aging,” said Goddard.
Goddard added, given the benefits of the fish, YJI support the movement likes to eat fish that was initiated by the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Fadel Muhammad. Fadel targeting communities of fish consumption was 35 kg / year. “We are a maritime country that vast oceans no measure. Why do not we use our natural resources is to eat fish?”
* metrogaya
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