coffee processing into fuel cars.

There are also recent findings from researchers at the University of Warwick, Conventry, West Midland, the British succeeded in producing fuel from brown to car racing, has appeared the result of research that uses coffee beans as fuel.

The researchers came from a team that has BBC1 science program called Bang Goes The Theory. They use the VW Scirocco 1998 as a research object and the sedan from the German manufacturer changed its name to Car-pucciono.

Nick Watson, as the producer Bang Goes The Theory said, “Coffee, wood or coal all contain carbon which can be used as fuel. For coffee, very dry conditions in a state that allows air to move around the seeds during the combustion process progresses, “he was quoted as saying site.

Watson added, the combustion process (gasification) can also use other fuels such as wood chips, bark of walnuts, rubble or other farm waste.

Preheated 700 degree

How does the process work? The team juggle luggage space to put two tubes plus a series of pipes. Most large tube (right) as a gas cylinder. Coffee bean is inserted into the tube and heated to 700 degrees Celsius. Then, the coffee will be separated into hydrogen and carbon monoxide.

Then the combustion products were channeled to the pipes that berrada shaped radiator on the car. The goal is to be cooled before it entered into a second tube (left). Inside the tube there are two filters, one as a cyclone filter and the other as a heat insulator that would prevent entry into the machine.

Out of this second tube, clean fuel that has been channeled into the engine. Sufficiently long path through the tube from the rear (trunk) to the front, the design is similar to snorkel.

To prove the car is functioning properly, the researchers will be driving along the 210 kilometers from Manchester to London. This magical car will also be exhibited in the event the Big Bang Science Fair at Manchester City with a mission to prove any fuel other than gasoline which can be a source of energy.

Unfortunately, with coffee as a source of fuel energy-pucciono Car operating costs more expensive 25 to 50 times than common cars that consume gasoline or diasel….

* metrogaya


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