Panini House – Restaurant Nuanced Indonesia

RELAX: Some customers Panini House was talking casually in between meals. Italian cuisine restaurant presenters since the beginning of June 2010 also offers a nuanced menu of Indonesia.
IN RESTAURANT Italian cuisine you can taste the nuances and chicken fried Indonesia.Nasi rica-rica, it secured the appetite. Curious? A breakthrough was made Panini House.
Since early June, this Italian restaurant adds a new menu lists dishes “themed” Indonesia.Tidak a lot, but enough to increase the repertoire of the menu on Panini. Panini, which means “sandwich” is a restaurant that serves true authentic Italian cuisine. The menus are presented with national origin taste delicious, in accordance with a prescription aslinya.Tak only sandwiches, but also other menus. “Panini always use the best quality products and follow the times. Therefore, Panini products are not only Italian food, “said Executive Manager of Panini House Mary Andyta Soepomo or familiarly called Dyta.
The restaurant is in operation since August 2008 in Jakarta mall FX is serving food that can be eaten at any time, either at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Well, a new menu themed Indonesia recently launched also included that can be ordered at any time. “In addition to the new Italian menu, we also issued Indonesian-themed menu. Starting June this all have to try a new menu in all outlets Panini House, “said Supervisor Outlet Panini House Crater Nauli. Indonesian menu is worth a try include spicy chicken aka chicken rica rica pedas.Menu presents on top of rice sprinkled with spicy chicken cutlet. Sliced lime leaves add freshness of this dish.
In addition, there is another menu called chili fried rice this hijau.Menu choose jambal bread salted fish as a menu item with a distinctive salty flavor of fried rice lain.Cita be pelezat dish of fried rice served with spinach dent it. Switch to another new menu, but that did not come from Indonesia, but Italia.Namanya petto in pollo.Menu presents pieces of chicken breast roll filled with pastrami and mozzarella cheese, plus combined with a soft cream and pieces of vegetables and mushrooms that are equipped potatoes. “The menu is very creamy,” added Dyta. Pasta menu is also a mainstay on the Panini. This time the party issued a pasta restaurant with a new flavor named fettuccini smoked salmon and black olive.
Fettuccini, cooked using olive oil contains a slice of garlic that makes a very distinctive aroma. While its main raw material is meat smoked salmon. As an opening presentation, taste new menu that is also called oriental fushion salad. Salad that contains lettuce, smoked chicken, and orange is complemented dibalur fried dumpling skins with nuts as a supplement. To memperlezat taste, ditambahkanlah lime juice, vinegar, chili, and honey. “The sense of her sweet and crunchy salad made oriental fushion menu mainstay,” said Dyta.
You buff a sweet taste, can taste the tenderness of the cake dessert cheese cake semifredo labeled coffee. Cake flavored coffee blends with the taste of cheese, this choice is second to none. As the release thirst, felt a new drink menu also include kiwi splash. Green kiwi fruit pieces combined with pineapple juice, orange fruit, and lemon juice can you try as a beverage mainstay. (Ingrid namirazswara-Seputar Indonesia)
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