Lumpia – typical food of Semarang

Amid the current demands of modernization, lunpia a proper diet. Typical food of Semarang that have been popular since the 1800s, is now presented Like fast food (fast food). Practical and processes presented sederhana.Kendati Like fast food, hygiene and health remain addressed. Whoever you are, guaranteed safe to consume. Even fasfood this one at a time can be a health food menu (Healty food). If you are visiting in the city, whether for business or just a tourist, not complete if no special food menu menyicipi this Lunpia City. Well, where you can get lunpia with a distinctive flavor, taste Lunpia Semarang, with a practical service while still watching hegienitas and health?
Just come to Lunpia Express. This restaurant specializes lunpia address at Jalan Gajah Mada 142 AA or adjacent to the Hotel Telomoyo. Quite easy to reach from the city center of Semarang, about 1 km from Simpang Lima.
There are two menus on offer, original, and crab. First, as the name of one in the menu are made with original recipes, unique lunpia semarang. Contains eggs and bamboo shoots. While the second, crab, material content of the crab. Not only its contents, both seasoning recipe is also different. Original has a distinctive sweet taste, while the savory crab.
The word original is selected as one of the menu turned out to have its own historical background. The word refers to the historical origins Lunpia Semarang. Lunpia Express is a third generation of Lunpia Mataram, the son of Semarang Lunpia generation, which also have a generation Lunpia Gang Lombok, Lunpia Youth.
? Well, we papi, a master recipe for us this is the fourth generation of Semarang Lunpia that since the 1800’s it. So we aberani open, yes because we have a master’s this? Max said Soegi Winarso, manager Lumpia Express.
Then where the menu is a customer favorite, original or crab? ? Depending tastenya each of us. If we like the food a sweet tooth, so choose the original. If you like the taste of savory, yes the crab. For example, a burger. I like beef burgers, will be treated to delicious bag of burger-enake else, I do not want to, because I like beef burgers, “he said.
? Ever have customers who call me. He said if this lunpia original. Forty years ago he ate lunpia yes it feels like it he said,? story.
We were enjoying the meal Lunpia in the parking (outdoor) Lunpia Express which had been prepared for visitors, as well as provided space in the (indoor). The atmosphere is really fun. Here we can eat while enjoying the scenery lunpia Jalan Gajah Mada.
Max was a very pleasant. He was friendly and very clever break the ice. According to him, eating lunpia not actually use a spoon. But immediately use the hand. Or use paper towels for saucers. ? Eating lunpia the right, according to our tradition you know, it does not use a spoon. Later-madul capital. Yes directly use the hand. As if people eat a burger that,? he said.
According to Max’s knowledge of local people about lunpia still very minimal. Including how to eat. There’s even a lifetime never eat lunpia, whereas this lunpia typical food of Semarang.
? Used to fit me yet I saw my wife, I never eat lunpia. Pring (bamboo) kok eaten? he thought at that time.
? People used to be skeptical that this meal, he said dengkule loro (sore ankle). For those who have arthritis do not dare to eat this. All dishes cooked wrong if ya be a problem. If you cook it right, no way. Stay cook bener what is wrong,? added.
Max, who still have Chinese blood and never been to school in America is indeed fluent in Java. Who would have thought also that the background of the first studies in this electro lunpia world even now engaged in addition to other business. He is well aware the details about the food on this one, as once the special schools only.
? After I met my wife that his forefathers had offspring Lunpia semarang, and I see these good prospects,? said Max.
He saw the presentation of traditional foods is still very minimal semarang. ? Instead of leaving the aesthetic side of authenticity. We just take the side of authenticity, such as kayaking mendisplaykan performance, we also still preserved their baskets, such as our exports to foreign countries so we will also keep the baskets. Just, make up the difference we are far better than conventional? he explained.
That night, nearly a day of rain which flushed the city of Semarang began to subside. Traffic on Jalan Gajah Mada segment, Road connecting youth with semarang city center is quite solid. Several times the car and turned the steering wheel two-wheeled vehicle into the complex near the intersection Gajahmada it.
? Well, who use motorcycles before, local people are the customers. They at least stop by to taste lunpia. Or at least he had a couple of times here. Therefore we also provide meals on site,? said Max.
? There are also those from abroad come here. They bring lunpia there. So if people abroad bring food to Indonesia, why do not we. food when we are healthy. Not junk food, but Healty food,? added.
So how long endurance lunpia it? ? We do have two types. Same half-baked fried. If the fried stronger durable for more than 24 hours, if inserted in the fridge of course much longer,? he said.
? If allowed to know what the recipe ya,? Asked a friend at my side.
? Well, if that’s the secret. If Sampeyan not you know, the future can be a rival, ha ha,? he explained.
Max now has two plans. In the near future he will provide a menu display. ? We’ll have pahe, where will we show we have semarang original combo, a typical Mataram, rice lunpia,? he said.
Rice? I asked with a tone of wonder. ? Ancient-ancient past, people, or who are now ages 50, 60 that they eat lunpia pake rice. Well, the people of lunpia knowladge is still lacking. So we’ll want to provide a display that explains how to eat lunpia proverbial correct? explained.
It was already almost 10 pm. Soon Lunpia Express will be closed. We say goodbye to Max. ? Some time stop by here,? he said with a smile.
Source   : onlytopan
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