Coffee Luwak – Sensation The World’s Most Expensive Coffee

AROMA coffee served in the fragrant scent of Civet Coffee outlets Plaza Indonesia, which has just opened yesterday. There, visitors can enjoy the sensation of the world’s most expensive coffee that has existed since tens of years ago. Although the new prime in the open at the outlet mall to 15 Luwak coffee which was directly in damage to Muni visitors. While tasting the coffee, in a place that visitors can also see live music entertainment treat that was held by the committee.
Civet coffee owner Jeff Susanto, said the beverage is prepared from a special fermentation of eating animals that Luwak coffee. Processed coffee that has been fermented in the digestive Luwak is what produces delicious coffee granules to be processed into a drink.
Efficacy of civet coffee that provides many benefits because it has the perfect level of acidity. For fans of heavy coffee drinking pleasure while you gather with relatives. No wonder if in fact much preferred Luwak coffee Caucasian people who become great potential
“That’s 80 percent market segment Luwak coffee abroad and the price could penetrate four million per kilogram,” he said. According to him, in the famous television show that is Oprah Winfrey Show also had to peel about Luwak coffee. Coffee is called The Most Epensive Coffee in the World version of Forbes Magazine. As the world’s most expensive coffee Luwak coffee cup could reach one million rupiah. “Consuming coffee
Civet is safe for health and is processed hygienically. “He explained. To get a supply of coffee beans civet said Jeff, made a special plantation area of 500 hectares. Land plantation was located at Moja, Central Java and the coffee is guaranteed authentic.
“Animals do come Luwak coffee during fruiting season. Animals that also like food from a variety of plants so that after consuming the coffee that has been fermented in the digestive taste so delicious,” he said. The drink was very liked by the fans of coffee in the world.
Coffee beans are also marketed by the world’s highest prices at the Jakarta Special Luwak coffee can be found in some malls full degan typical menu offerings. For example, native Indonesian cuisine like Rawon Iga Bakar. Rice Milk Balado “Strong with the taste of Indonesia Not only is derived from farm production itself but | iiga supplied from various areas in Sumatra.” he explained.
Source : bataviase
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